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3 Proven White Hat Link Building Techniques

April 3, 2023

Link building is an essential component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that involves acquiring backlinks from other websites. The traffic increase on your website will not only improve your website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) but can improve your website quality and online legitimacy. However, not all link building techniques are in Google’s good books. Some techniques, known as black hat link building techniques, can actually be detrimental to a website's rankings and reputation.

This article will focus on three white-hat link building techniques that have been used by SEO experts and proven to be effective and legitimate for improving your website's ranking and reputation. By integrating these methods into your SEO strategy, you can build a strong and sustainable link profile that will drive more traffic to your site and improve your position on search engines.

What is white-hat link building?

White Hat Link Building techniques are a set of ethical and legitimate methods to create quality website backlinks. These strategies focus on creating high-quality, relevant, and natural links that provide value to both the website linking to you and its audience. White-hat techniques follow all the regulations set out by Google’s search engine algorithms that, if implemented correctly, can increase your search engine ranking so that your site is seen and recognized by users browsing the web. 

What’s all the fuss about white-hat link building?

White-hat link building is a crucial aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and should not be overlooked. As aforementioned, it can improve your website's credibility, authority, and rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to increased traffic and visibility for your brand. 

Additionally, using only white-hat tactics protects your website from being penalized by search engines for engaging in unethical link building practices like black-hat link building. Black-hat link building techniques are shortcuts that some SEO agencies take to rank your website within a short timeframe due to promises they market on their website. These techniques include keyword-stuffing, collaborating with link building farms or hiding links in an article’s alt text.

However, due to the clever and constantly updated advancements made by Google search algorithms, these methods could have you penalized by Google, and your site may even be removed from Google as a consequence of black-hat link building techniques. Overall, implementing a solid white-hat link building strategy is essential for the long-term success and growth of your website.

What White-Hat Link Building Methods Should I Be Using?

There are a number of white-hat link building techniques that follow Google’s guidelines while at the same time offering websites the opportunity to gain traffic, enhance their online visibility and gain ROI and customer conversion in the long run. These three methods are the ones that we would recommend as the most effective to implement in your SEO strategy:

  1. Guest Posting and Contributing Content 

Guest posting is a white-hat link building technique that involves writing blog posts for other websites. By contributing to other websites in your niche, you can build relationships with other bloggers and website owners and get your website's link in front of a new audience.

However, take note of these points when guest posting:

Avoidance of keyword stuffing

You need to ensure that the keywords you want to rank for are organically inserted into the content, with the anchor text being relevant to hyperlink the URL you wish to target. If there is any indication of keyword stuffing or over-optimization of a keyword, Google will penalize or flag your site as inappropriate due to algorithm updates allowing them to detect this type of black-hat SEO. You also need to ensure that the URL is inserted as a hyperlink in the relevant anchor text to avoid it being blatantly optimized on that specific blog post. When you write a guest blog post, also ensure that it's high-quality, original, and relevant to the website you're writing for. 

Only high-quality content allowed

Your content needs to be of an excellent standard. It needs to be written by a professional writer with in-depth research. Ensure that the content has been run through a grammar checker, such as Grammarly, Hemingway or Ginger so that it maintains a high standard and readability for users. Long-form content also ranks incredibly well on search engine results pages, so ensure that the content is still entertaining, educational and punchy for readers to enjoy and want to consume.  

Google’s helpful content algorithm update now allows them to detect poor-quality content that has no SEO or ranking value so using AI software might not be the best option in this case. It is helpful to use as a framework or to get an outline for your content, just don’t become reliant on it too much to write the article for you, as the article tends to lose its personal touch and becomes too formal or robotic. 

  1. Thought Leadership Content Marketing

One of the most effective White Hat Link Building techniques is Thought Leadership Content Marketing. This involves creating high-quality, engaging, informative content that people want to share and link to. When you publish content that is valuable to your target audience, it will naturally attract links from other websites, increasing your link popularity and SEO.

This is somewhat of a step up from ordinary guest posting, as the content is longer (between 1500 and 2000 words), contains high-quality infographics or value-added images, and involves insight from an industry expert. The purpose of this form of “best in class” content is to educate readers and with the help of SEO, become an industry leader on this topic or niche by the value the content would provide to an audience. 

  1. Positive Publisher Relationships 

Having positive relationships with link building publishers is essential for any business or website looking to improve their website through SEO. Link building publishers are ultimately the ones that provide the valuable backlinks to your website that you seek with link building, which can boost your site's authority and improve its search engine ranking. 

This is why building a strong relationship with a link building publisher is so important and requires good communication, mutual trust, and a willingness to work and co-operate collaboratively. Website owners and SEO professionals should also be proactive in maintaining positive relationships with link building publishers, by reaching out to them, providing high-quality content, and seeking their feedback and advice. 

By building a strong partnership with a link building publisher, SEO professionals and marketers can help websites achieve SEO goals and drive more organic traffic to their site, as well as gain a long-term publisher that they are able to work with for a number of link building deals they decide to pursue.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these three White Hat Link Building Techniques are proven to be highly effective and will help you improve your website's overall SEO and gain a further ROI. It is also vital that you use ethical and transparent white-hat tactics to earn backlinks and so that your website remains in good standing with search engines like Google.

Furthermore, by creating high authority and valuable content while maintaining a positive relationship with the publishers you work with, you can build high-quality backlinks that will help your website rank higher in search engines and attract more traffic in no time. 

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