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Results-driven editorial links to propel your rankings
Struggling to gain traffic and convert leads? Not getting results from your SEM? Are your competitors outranking you?

Aura is your solution.

Through our customized outreach and niche-relevant publishers, we are the experts in strategizing the perfect way to rank your business as a top search result.
700+ traffic, niche-relevant, publishers
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But, what is an editorial link?
Simply put, an editorial link is a link to your business that is inserted into an existing niche-specific article.

Natural link integration is key to organic online visibility. We’ll get you seen by your target audience for the experts you are.
How it works
Customized strategy
In any great partnership, an understanding of each other is key. We’ll get to know your niche and who you serve so that we can align our link-building efforts.
Creating your custom dashboard
You’ll get your very own dashboard, populated with your customized link-building strategy and link-tracking tab.

This will serve as your portal for monthly link updates.
Compiling your strategy
All we need from you is a list of URLs you’d like to target.

We’ll take it from there by compiling a list of niche-relevant publishers and ROI-driven keywords into your custom dashboard.
Internal review
We take website quality very seriously. Before any outreach is conducted, a thorough internal review of all suggested publishers takes place to ensure they have enough relevance and meet our metric standards.
Top-notch outreach and prospects
We’ll begin your customized outreach while we thread together a list of our top publishers to kick off link building. We take pride in the trustworthy relationships we have with our expanding network of publishers. It makes negotiation and link placements flow smoothly and timeously.
Live link
Once the link has been inserted into the article, we’ll manually inspect it to ensure it’s do-follow compliant.

Congratulations, your link is now live!
Tracking and reporting
We monitor the performance of your editorial links to determine their impact on your website's search engine rankings and traffic.
Why Aura’s editorial links?
Everything we do at Aura us centered around our core values
This is a partnership and communication is key. You’ll know what we’re doing every step of the way. Every link, every publisher, and every cost is at your fingertips.
We are dedicated to being your complete solution to achieving link equity. This means crafting high-quality, sustainable links that provide long-term value.
Customer Success
We prioritize our partners above all else. You aren’t simply clients to us. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.
What niches do you serve?
We’ve built links for a variety of niches, but our expertise is b2b SaaS, software, and technology.
Can I choose my anchor text?
We absolutely encourage you to send us options for the anchor text you’d like us to build links to. 

However, because we are so big on ROI, our strategists will make suggestions based on what our research tells us would be the most valuable keywords to use as anchor texts.

It’s up to you which to use.
Are editorial links ethical?
Yes, niche edits are a completely white-hat process. We have trusted relationships with all of our publishers and ensure that the transaction is fair for both them and you. 
How long do niche edits take?
Aura promises a one-month turnaround time for presenting you with the published link.

However, there is no guarantee of how long it will take to start to see ranking and traffic gains. We’re positioned to create long-term value, not short-term quick fixes. 

We are dedicated to your success, so you can be sure we’re working overtime to get you results.
Aura is a total SEO
link building solution
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